Gavin Wright, Moving & Handling Consultant
“I honestly cannot praise this item enough. I believe it to be the single best invention for assisting with the safe handling of people since the hoist.”

Liz, Reading, Berkshire & Exeter, Devon, 2015
“I will be eternally grateful to Jenry for their advice and assistance in enabling a dining room chair to be fitted with a Millie-Mova and delivered to my father’s home, in time for his hospital discharge date. I was so grateful for their ‘can-do’ approach and swift response to all of our needs. I would highly recommend their service and will be sure to pass their details to anyone I know with similar requirements.”

Liz, Dorset, 2015
“We are delighted with the device – it has made such a difference.”

Mr P Darby, The Firs Residential Home, Lowdham – 2016
“An invaluable aid to avoid staff injury. It also saves strain on our chairs.”

Beverly Elliott, Abbeyfield Winchester, 2014
“I stumbled upon this small business by chance when looking for a chair that I could buy for an elderly resident with mobility difficulties. Rather than buying a new expensive chair this gadget enables current chairs to be adapted meaning that my resident is able to join others at meal times and her chair looks the same as everyone else’s. Having seen the demonstration I was absolutely bowled over at what a simple yet effective idea this was. In fact when my own father’s mobility was affected and my mother had difficulty getting him close enough to the meal table. I immediately knew the answer and so I bought a Millie-Mova system for his chair. This gadget means that the carer does not harm themselves and the chair is not damaged either. Often the simplest ideas are the best and this is one of those occasions’..”

Review by, 2015
“For the right organisation the millie-mova could be invaluable. In a care home or hospital where it could be fitted en-mass to a large number of chairs is makes perfect sense. It is well designed, easy to use and tough which is exactly what you want for those places. The equation for home use is a little more difficult. It needs a competent DIYer to fit it which is a problem but not an insurmountable one. In use however it needs a dedicated second person to help – no carer and by definition it’s no use. If you have a carer or someone who can help then it works perfectly and does exactly what is claims. Recommended for the care homes, hospitals or those who have carers around at home.”

Mrs C, Starcross, Devon, 2015
“Absolutely marvellous, thank you for such a wonderful invention”

Mrs C, Corfe Mullen, Dorset, 2015
“The best thing I have ever bought!”

NaidexMS of Wolverhampton (Learning Disability location), 2014
“Just like to say that we have had the Milla-Mova system fitted and we are impressed on how well it works, great device.”