The millie-mova can be fitted in just a few minutes with simple tools. A competent DIY person or handyperson should have no problem.

The rear wheels and front stabilisers should be fitted first. The front chair legs must be drilled to accept a screw in each (or bolts for metal leg chairs). The device is then attached using the screws/bolts supplied. Two small metal eyes are then fitted to the chair frame under the seat of the chair. The shock cords supplied can then be fitted. It is then complete.

For “ski” chairs you should remove the skis and fit as normal.

For chairs with thin (less than 1” diameter), metal or plastic front legs we can supply 6mm bolts with a lock-nut and perhaps rubber ferrules (just ask for these).

For large chair such as armchairs or patient chairs we can supply an extension pedal to make it suitable.

There are very few chairs that cannot have the millie-mova added. Please let us know what sort of chair and we can advise.

You may download the full installation instructions here.