Why should I use it?
It will protect the carer from injury. It will make mealtimes far less of a chore. The seated person will enjoy a far more dignified mealtime. The chair and floor will last much longer.

How does it work?
It is a simple lever with wheels. On pressing the pedal it lifts the front chair legs off the ground and onto the wheels. Combined with the rear wheels this makes it much easier to move the occupied chair forwards or backwards. Simply point the chair where you want it to go, press the lever and move. Do not move more than your stride allows – make two or three shorter runs, if necessary.

Is it safe?
The device is suitable for clients up to 130kg (20 Stone). It is fail-safe, in that if it broke mechanically (very unlikely) the chair would return to normal. Unlike some devices purporting to solve this problem it does not make the chair too easy to move – an obvious potential hazard with people that are unsteady on their feet. The kit provides extra stability for the front legs as it contains two high-friction rubber discs for the bottom of the front legs. Ferrules are required for metal leg chairs to provide the same stability.

Click here for the Risk Assessment.

How do I know if it will fit my chair(s)?
The millie-mova will fit virtually any chair. The only significant issue that could make it unsuitable is if the chair has a very low crossbar (below 3 inches from the floor). It will fit even if your chair legs are round, not vertical, metal or plastic.

Can Jenry Ltd fit them?
BES can provide a fitting service if required.

Can I fit it to “ski” chairs?
Yes, if you remove the skis by unscrewing them. The wooden skis are redundant.

What warranty do you offer?
We supply a two year warranty as standard. We have an outstanding reliability record.

How may I buy one or more?
You can phone, email or text. We can discuss your requirements and send you what you need.

I am not part of an organisation, just a private carer at home – can I buy?
Yes, of course.

Can I pay by card?

Do you negotiate deals for larger numbers purchased?
Yes, no problem.

What other organisations are using them?
See our client list – click here.

I am not sure – can I try one?
Yes, just ask. You can try it for a few weeks to see if it is the solution for you.